Sunset Recovery Center

A Promise of a New Tomorrow

12 Step Programs

We introduce our residents to 12 step programs and help to pair them with mentors to help walk them through challenges they may encounter in early recovery

IOP Partnerships

We are proudly partnered with several of the top treatment centers in Southern California to ensure that our residents and their families have access to all of the resources they will need.

Community Building

We believe that building a strong recovery community is essential to maintaining long term sobriety. We coordinate events and outings for our residents to attend to help encourage and build long lasting friendships and bonds.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a sober, safe, and structured environment for addicts and
alcoholics making the transition back into everyday life. With the guidance and support of our live-in sober coaches, house managers, and outside sponsors clients will learn how to regain a sense of self-worth and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

About Us

Sunset Recovery is a sober living that aids men as they recover from the disease of alcoholism and addiction, as they make their first steps toward a new and healthy lifestyle. Sunset Recovery takes pride in being a successful recovery environment providing safety, support, and structure for those recovering from their addiction. Sunset Recovery is a large and comfortable sober living home in Thousand Oaks, surrounded by Malibu, Agoura Hills, and Westlake Village. We have a zero-tolerance policy for drug and/or alcohol use and/or possession, and housing is contingent on the client’s obligation to remain sober and adhere to our policies and procedures. Each client is required to actively work a program of recovery with a sponsor. Here at Sunset Recovery, we understand the critical role a healthy and structured environment plays in each recovering addict’s life. A structured and supportive environment is critical to the individual in early recovery.


Freedom Starts Here

Sunset Recovery’s prime location provides great accessibility to daily 12-step meetings within walking distance and a meeting hall that hosts 3 meetings a day right down the street. Sunset Recovery is near shopping, dining, entertainment, the beach, and many outdoor activities. Sunset Recovery has partnerships with licensed facilities that offer off-site IOP and therapy services. Additionally, we host 12-Step meetings and recovery-related events.

Sunset Recovery aims to forge strong and healthy individuals and provide a domain in which recovery and self-development can flourish. We sincerely hope that if you find yourself in need of such an environment, that our recovery house can provide you with a stable foundation to walk the road of happy destiny.


Getting Started is Easy

Meal Expenses Included

Residents have an optional food plan that provides a weekly food allowance for personal grocery shopping

Random Drug Testing

Residents will be routinely drug tested at random to ensure strict adherence and accountability to our house rules. Sunset Recovery’s responsibility to its residents is to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is provided at all times. 


Residents will be provided with transportation to and from IOP/ Therapy, outside meetings, the gym, shopping, and medical appointments. 


Individually-tailored recovery plans

Phased system (Curfews and privileges based on participation and sobriety time)

Wake up & lights out times

Customized daily schedule assigned to each client

Mandatory daily 12 Step meetings

Chore assignments

Stringent house rules

Random and frequent drug testing

Nightly check-in with breathalyzer screening

Sponsorship requirements and mandatory progression through the 12 Steps

Zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use/possession

Off-site IOP “Intensive Outpatient Therapy”

Secured medications


Self-development and recovery coaching 


Gym memberships

Meals included 

In-house sober events and activities

Full-size beds

Fully-furnished house

Multiple common areas


Fire Pit

15 minutes from the beach

5 minutes from Thousand Oaks Mall

Minutes from local gyms, grocery, dining, and entertainment

Walking distance to 12 Step meetings

"A great sober living environment run by good men helping their fellow brothers. Integrity and honesty run through the foundation of this house. If you want to stay sober they will provide you a safe loving environment to do so."

"These guys really go above and beyond for the clients there. We all do things together as a family. Meetings, outings, the gym. The men here are now my brothers. These guys helped pull me up from the gates of hell to show me how to live a helpful abundant life of sobriety."

"Amazing recovery, and solidarity at Sunset Recovery! It’s a beautiful and serene environment to get sober and build a great foundation for long term sobriety."

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Sober Living?

The purpose of a sober living environment is to ensure a safe space where those struggling with addiction or alcoholism will be supported, held accountable, and provided with structure as they ease their way back into the mainstream of life. It is designed for those coming from a residential or detox facility as the next step in ensuring continuing sobriety. 

How does Sunset Recovery provide a safe and sober environment?

We offer 24/7 support for all clients living at Sunset Recovery. All clients are required to follow stringent and structured house rules. All residents are breathalyzed daily and drug tested frequently.

Do I need to go into Detox or Rehab before going into sober living?

Some clients will find that before they can go into sober living they need to detox from Alcohol or their use of substances. Sunset Recovery is partnered with licensed and safe facilities that can help with the detox process. Not everyone may need to go to detox first. Call us today so we can determine what would be the best course for you or your loved one.

What is the difference between a halfway house and a sober living?

Half-way housing is normally government-owned, overcrowded, and less structured versus sober living which provides food, comfort, support, and structure. Sober livings are for people that are already sober and are looking to transition back into day-to-day life, comfortably.

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